Farewell to Dostoevsky

A much-revised version of Conversations with Dostoevsky, together with critical essays discussing the issues raised in the conversations, will be published by Oxford University Press in 2023. In view of this the blog will shut down at the end of October.

I thank everyone who’s read it and provided feedback. This kept me going and has contributed to the ongoing revision that will, hopefully, lead to a better book.

5 thoughts on “Farewell to Dostoevsky

  1. This is truly wonderful news! I was reading Bakhtin’s book on Dostoevsky’s poetics this evening and simultaneously remembered about your blog. I look forward to the publication of your fascinating new book in 2023!


  2. Dear George,
    Congratulations on your decision to publish the work. It is really good that Dostoevsky still inspires many to resist the dictates of ideological pressure that seems to have conquered the entire Europe today. It makes me hope that the chance to break through to the historical reality has not been lost in the West yet. One day the truth will reconcile us all and safeguard from falling out of history.
    Love from Sergei


    1. Dear Sergei
      Thanks for your comments. I for my part – fully conscious of the manifold faults and failures of Europe and America, some of which I have publicly demonstrated against at various points in my life – can only hope that the day will come when Russia re-enters the community of nations by agreeing to abide by the rule of law in international affairs and the great spiritual treasures of Russia can once more become a part of our global human heritage.
      As ever

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