First Conversation (Beneath a Dead Sun). Episode 3

We are, then, back where we started. As you probably remember, Fyodor Mikhailovich didn’t give a direct answer to my question about faith but started saying how everything he wrote in his novels and stories was just fiction, something he’d made up, in short – a lie. Anyway, he’d said, he was only a ‘peripheral’Continue reading “First Conversation (Beneath a Dead Sun). Episode 3”

First Conversation: Episode 2

                                                            II I’ve already said that– like most of those that followed – this first conversation was taking place in my flat, which is on the second floor of a late nineteenth century tenement block in Glasgow’s West End. Like many Glasgow tenements, ours isn’t unlike those that Dostoevsky would have known in St Petersburg and,Continue reading “First Conversation: Episode 2”

First Conversation: Beneath a Dead Sun

Episode 1 I Fyodor Mikhailovich smiled. Diffidently. He leaned forward. I couldn’t tell whether it was because he was thinking about how to answer my question or because he was waiting for me to say more. I couldn’t think of anything to add. A minute or more passed. Or so it seemed. Sighing gently, heContinue reading “First Conversation: Beneath a Dead Sun”


‘Conversations with Dostoevsky’ is a blog written to mark the 200th anniversary year of Dostoevsky’s birth. It takes the form of a series of conversations between a twenty-first century academic and the writer himself. The topics centre on ‘the big questions’, including God, immortality, faith, nationality, and the power of literature. Blogs will be published weekly,Continue reading “Welcome”