Fyodor Mikhailovich, where are you today?

Oh, Fyodor Mikhailovich, where are you when we need you? Or, to be honest, when we want to be able to let off our frustration and anger? And, no, we don’t agree with those universities that are taking your books off their reading-lists as a result of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. We will continue toContinue reading “Fyodor Mikhailovich, where are you today?”

Conversation 7: ‘We are all here’. Episode 6.

            Down to the right of where we were standing loomed the great dark bulk of Glasgow’s cathedral, the one medieval building surviving the constantly repeated demolition and rebuilding of the surrounding city, its black spire steadily but wearily pointing those who might care to look towards God. Or so the faithful hoped. I couldn’t helpContinue reading “Conversation 7: ‘We are all here’. Episode 6.”

Conversation 7: ‘We are all here’. Episode 5

I’m very aware that one of my faults is a tendency to be rather flippant, even, maybe especially, when talking about something really serious.             “So does that make it a mistake to think we should just love one person for our whole life, like in marriage? Isn’t that a kind of egoism too, a kindContinue reading “Conversation 7: ‘We are all here’. Episode 5”

Conversation 7: ‘We are all here’. Episode 4.

            He stopped and looked down, perhaps absorbed in his memories. I knew he’d had two very eventful marriages and there was obviously a lot to remember. Finally, he raised his head and looked out over the city.             “The thing is, it’s almost impossible to explain. It goes almost without saying that He was right—that nothingContinue reading “Conversation 7: ‘We are all here’. Episode 4.”

Conversation 7: ‘We are all here’. Episode 3.

            “We seem to have come a long way from your novels,” I ventured. “But perhaps not …”             “Certainly not! But it wasn’t up to me to say again what John had said and that could only be said in the way he had said it. As I’ve insisted all along, I was only ever aContinue reading “Conversation 7: ‘We are all here’. Episode 3.”

Conversation 7: ‘We are all here’. Episode 2.

            “Where to begin?” he mused. Then, falling silent, he seemed transfixed by a tree to our right that was just coming into leaf. “Look at that!” he said, “How can anyone look at that and not be filled with joy?” His voice fell to a confidential whisper. “Perhaps all those books weren’t necessary after all!”Continue reading “Conversation 7: ‘We are all here’. Episode 2.”

Conversation 7: ‘We are all here’. Episode 1

I crossed the Bridge of Sighs.              And no, I wasn’t in Venice.             I was in Glasgow.             It was Easter Saturday morning, and I’d decided to take a walk out to the Necropolis—the Bridge of Sighs being what they rather grandly call the short service road leading to the entrance gates. Laura was in town havingContinue reading “Conversation 7: ‘We are all here’. Episode 1”

Looking forward to the New Year

‘Conversations with Dostoevsky’ will be on pause until after the Christmas/ New Year vacation. The next post will go up on January 7th 2022 and will be the first episode of the final conversation, entitled ‘We are all here’. Meanwhile, I wish all readers a Joyful Christmas – whether December 25th or January 6th –Continue reading “Looking forward to the New Year”

Conversation 6: ‘The Jewish Question’. Episode 5

“Are we going to talk?” I asked, not quite sure how to begin. “I appreciate this must have been a rather difficult hour for you.”             “Difficult—yes. And—talk? Yes. That’s why I came—I’ve heard all the arguments before, of course, but there are still things I need to say. I’ll walk down the road with youContinue reading “Conversation 6: ‘The Jewish Question’. Episode 5”